Why Products like Tooth and Gums Tonic, HydroFloss and SulcaBrush Get My Love

dentist officeRecently, I had the pleasure of working as a hygienist in 2 different offices, and although the offices were quite nice, I have to say I was saddened by their choice of products they used both in the office and ones they dispensed to patients.  All too often this is the case that I come across when I go into an office as a temp.  Offices somewhat blind fully give away products to patients, and patients think that these products that they have been given are the best ones to use.  It’s marketing genius, really.

Sales reps come in and sample the office with products, and then create packages of other products that the office gets for “free” when they have items delivered on a regular interval.  So let’s say that you like a specific toothbrush or toothpaste you can agree to purchase these brushes or pastes to give to your patients at a reduced price and they will throw in floss and other goodies to distribute, oh, and they will give you bags with their logo on them as well for patients take home “goodie bags”.

The problem with this scenario (in my opinion), is that it our job as dental professionals to help educate people on what products are available, and how to use them.  There are many times when I go into an office where no-one has heard of ANY of the products that I represent and recommend; they have no idea that Tooth and Gums Tonic delivers better results than its chemical counterpart Chlorhexadine Gluconate (Peridex) which contains alcohol (increases dry mouth), and causes heavy build up, stain and leaves a metallic taste in your mouth.

They have no idea what a SulcaBrush is, and that it will eliminate nearly all of the stain and build up that floss leaves behind, or is one of the best things that non flossers can use.

Or that the pointed head on a Rotadent or Revolution gets in between the teeth better than a flat brush and has micro filaments that do not cause gum damage like regular nylon bristled brushes do.

How about a HydroFloss vs WaterPik.  Do they know that WaterPiks are only meant to be used at medium power because the psi (pounds per square inch) often go to 80 or 90, where as the HydroFloss is pressure regulated to 40 psi (what is considered maximum for gum tissue health), is safe to use at high speed, AND ionizes (alkalizes) the water due to a magnet in the handle which also attracts the bacteria?

This is my why!  These are the products I have fallen in love with.  This is years of searching and treating patients weaving through what works, what doesn’t and what natural products are effective and why.   For some reason this has become my passion, and I can no longer just sit back and let people think that using products like Colgate Total or Crest Multi Care for whitening and tartar control and sensitivity are good for them.  Instead my goal is to help people identify what their mouth is saying about them, how to create balance and stay cavity free!  Whatever your situation is, I bet there is a natural product or a way to position a tool that can have you one step closer to the healthiest mouth you could imagine.

The Sulcabrush: An Effective Tool to Stop Bleeding Gums

SulcabrushSo many people find the task of taking care of their mouths daunting.  It’s no wonder seeing that every time they visit the dentist they are often shamed into doing what their Dental Hygienist or Dentist recommends as the “correct method”.   Brush for 2 minutes twice a day, floss daily making sure that you are wrapping the floss around the tooth and going up and down 5 times on each side, because, as you know “quick flossing” doesn’t really count toward flossing if you are trying to achieve healthy gums.  What if there was an easier, more effective method to take care of your gums.  Would this be of interest to you?

The Sulcabrush was invented by a dentist as an alternative for his patients who for one reason or another had difficulty with flossing.  Looking back into history, Dr. Florence found that countries such as India (Neem) and Africa (Miswaki) used a natural toothbrush, known as a “chew-stick”.  One thing that was pertinent to the populations that use natural chew style toothbrushes was the lack of bleeding and infection in their mouths.

Following the principles found in nature, Dr. Florence designed and developed an ‘angled’ (firm bristled) brush that resembled the chew stick that had been used for centuries. He called it Sulcabrush (The space between the gums and teeth is the ‘sulcus’).

The Sulcabrush is specifically designed to access interproximally and along the gingival margin to remove plaque and help stop the gums from bleeding. Any bleeding or tenderness which may occur initially may soon fade as the gum tissues become firm and healthy

Sulcabrush Stops Bleeding Gums

Clinically proven to help stop bleeding gums, the Sulcabrush can be used outside the bathroom – watching TV, reading a book or traveling.  The Sulcabrush is excellent for cleaning around crowns bridges, tooth implants and orthodontic bands.

The effectiveness of the Sulcabrush in removing plaque, reducing gingivitis and improving patient overall health has been proven in research studies and in practice for many years.  Studies supporting the effectiveness of the Sulcabrush have been performed by: Columbia University – School of Dental and Oral Surgery, University at Buffalo – School of Dental Medicine, Indiana University – School of Dentistry, The Dental Advisor and Dental Consultants Inc.

Today, thousands of people LOVE using the Sulcabrush! Simplify life and try it – a quick, easy to use effective tool in the fight against bleeding gums and periodontal disease.