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Rotadent Plus Toothbrush

Rotadent Plus Toothbrush

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Product Description

Rotadent Plus Toothbrush

Discover the Benefits To Using the Rotadent Plus Toothbrush

  • Removes plaque twice as fast as a manual brush
  • Reduces 92% of plaque in just one minute
  • The Rotadent is the ONLY toothbrush where the bristles rotate in a full 360 degree
  • Reduces harmful bacteria deep within the pocket where it counts the most
  • Designed to mimic the “polishing tool” that you get at the end of your cleaning
  • Soft non abrasive microfilaments are perfect for protecting the delicate gum tissue around veneers, crowns, implants and bridges
  • Decreased stain and “buildup”, especially on lower front teeth and crowded areas
  • Superior plaque control
  • Clinically proven to reduce decalcification and gingivitis during orthodontic treatment

Rotadent Plus ToothbrushThe Rotadent Plus has many long term studies to show it is an effective tool in the treatment and prevention of periodontal disease. Studies show the proper use of the Rotadent Plus removes as much plaque as brushing and flossing combined. The Rotadent Plus is angled and has very soft "microfilaments" instead of bristles.

The Rotadent Plus Toothbrush Contains Over 4000 Microfilaments!

There are approximately 500 bristles in a manual toothbrush, whereas there are 4000-5000 microfilaments in the compact head of a Rotadent Plus toothbrush. Thus, the microfilaments can reach farther under the gum than manual bristles can.  It is particularly effective in hard-to-reach, neglected, or improperly flossed areas.

The Rotadent Plus is Invaluable In Removing Plaque And Bacteria

Patients with orthodontic appliances have found it to be invaluable in removing plaque and bacteria from the edges of their appliances and around arch wires.  Foaming indicates plaque removal, and will become less obvious as each day passes.  There are three brush types hollow, short and long to help you access each area of your mouth.

Using the Rotadent Plus Feels Like You Are Using A Professional Dental Tool

Given the sensitivity of the bristles, brushing with them feels like you are using a professional dental tool right from your own home. The benefits of having less plaque, glossier teeth, and a more satisfied smile await you.  Once you get the hang of this brush, you will agree that the Rotadent is like no other “toothbrush” you have experienced.  We promise that the tickling sensation will go away in just a few short uses!

The Rotadent Plus Toothbrush includes:

  • 1 Rotadent Plus Power Brush Handle
  • 3 Disposable Brush Heads
  • 1 Brush Head Holder
  • 1 Charger Base With Cord
  • 1 Soft Travel Bag
  • 1 Box Of Interdental Cleaners
  • 3 Color Rings

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Product Reviews

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  1. Love it!!

    Kathrin (Submitted on 1st Oct 2012)

    This brush is the only electric brush that I have used where I'm not worrying about my very sensitive gums - the brush heads are so soft yet cleans very efficiently - Carrie has been so helpful with advise and tips on the Rotadent and oral care in general - I'm a customer for life!!!

  2. Great brush

    Marijana (Submitted on 27th Sep 2012)

    I have been using rotadent for last 7 years and I love it. Its the best brush out there. I am hygienist and I do recommend it to all my patients.
    It comes with two different brush heads, a flat one any pointy one.
    I recommend patients to use pointy one at night because its gets better in between than any other brush, and flat one in the morning.
    This does not replace flossing so patients still must floss every day.
    The bristles on the brush are soft, so the brush is very gentle on the teeth and the gums.
    after brushing with rotadent teeth feel so clean just like your hygienist cleaned them.

  3. Superb

    Rachel (Submitted on 22nd Sep 2012)

    I've been using this product for over 6 years. My original Rotadent which I purchased from my dentist finally died and I just bought the Rotadent Plus at National Gumption. The improvements are wonderful. This toothbrush, along with flossing has saved my teeth and gums.

  4. Wow what a difference!

    Paul (Submitted on 13th Feb 2012)

    It took a bit to get used to, but now I feel like my teeth are smooth and silky every day, the same way that they feel just after a cleaning from my hygienist. Carrie was more than helpful at helping me understand how to best use it!

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