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Revolation Toothbrush

Revolation Toothbrush

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Revolation Toothbrush


The Revolation Toothbrush eliminates the need to have several different dental products on hand. It includes an everyday brush, which you will put to good use, plus special brush heads for deep cleaning. Revolving Technology makes it easy to remove plaque and debris while its UV sanitizer kills bacteria and viruses that typically linger on a brush head.

Benefits of The Revolation Toothbrush

  • Revolation ToothbrushHealthier Gums – Many people simply focus on achieving a white smile. These are often individuals who spend a ton of money on whitening strips and gels that are full of harsh chemicals. What many fail to realize is that gum health is as important as having a great smile. The Revolation has been thoughtfully designed to remove significantly more plaque than what you can remove with your average brush head. Using this toothbrush regularly will help improve the health of your gums.
  • Clean Mouth – Wouldn't it be nice to have that clean mouth feel you get when you have been to the dentist, but without sitting in the chair, listening to loud machines and having your mouth scraped? The Perio Brush cleans along the gum line, between the teeth and other hard to reach places to leave your mouth as clean is it can be.
  • Fresh Breath – Bacteria that hides between your teeth and in periodontal pockets contributes to bad breath. The cleaner you get your mouth, the fresher your breath will be for a longer period of time.
  • Optimal Oral Health – Did you know that approximately three out of four adults have some type of periodontal disease? Just because it is common does not mean that it is not dangerous. You may be interested to learn that periodontal disease is linked to serious systemic conditions, including diabetes and heart disease.
  • Reduced Dental Visits – The Revolation Toothbrush is not meant to replace your regular scheduled checkups. However, when you are able to maintain a healthier and cleaner mouth, you won't have a need for those extra visits to have a deep cleaning, or a cavity filled.

What is The Revolation Toothbrush?

The Revolation Toothbrush is an innovative mouth-cleaning product. It allows you to achieve more than three million bristle sweeps every brushing cycle. It is a toothbrush and sanitizer in one, combining revolutionary technology with thoughtfully designed brush heads. Its UV sanitizer keeps brush heads clean, and a built-in timer guides you through a two-minute brushing cycle.

How Does The Revolation Toothbrush Work?

The Revolation utilizes revolving technology to remove plaque and naturally whiten teeth. Soft bristles provide a nonstop spinning motion that sweeps the bristles more than three million times during a single brushing cycle. This has been proven to remove more debris and plaque than using a traditional toothbrush.

The Everyday Brush Head removes stains from the teeth. Plus, since it features a hollow-tip design, it can be used in the application of gels, pastes and oral rinses. For a deeper cleaning, the Revolation comes with a Perio Brush Head. Its elongated and tapered tip cleans below the gum line and between the teeth. Individuals with braces, brackets, wires and other orthodontics will appreciate the Ortho Brush Head that is also included.

Since it features a built-in timer, it eliminates the guess work of trying to decide if you have been brushing long enough. The timer uses 30-second intervals and takes you through a full two-minute cycle.

Why Choose The Revolation Toothbrush?

There are a lot of electric toothbrushes on the market, but the Revolation is truly one-of-a-kind. When it comes to removing plaque, this brush has been clinically proven to remove 45 percent than manual brushing. Plus, it can remove 56 percent more plaque that people miss between the teeth (interproximal), and 75 percent more from the backside of the teeth (lingual).

The Revolation offers variable speed settings. Many toothbrushes are too slow, soft, fast or harsh for certain people, this one allows you to clean you mouth using a setting that is comfortable to you. When you can choose between normal, sensitive and pulse modes you are more likely to use your toothbrush every day because you will actually enjoy it.

Also, its built-in timer is a very nice touch. You never have to wonder if you have brushed long enough or not. Plus, its UV sanitizer is the icing on the cake. It kills bacteria and viruses on the surface of the brush heads, and is proven 99.9 percent effective against Candida albicans, E. coli, H-simplex and salmonella, and 96.8 percent effective against H1N1.

This is a recommended toothbrush to use because it is proven effective and easy to use; what more could you ask for?

Who Would Benefit from The Revolation Toothbrush?

  • Bad Breath Sufferers – Since the Revolation Toothbrush is able to deep clean below the gum line and between teeth, it can reach the bacteria often left behind by manual brushing. As you may know, bacteria is responsible for causing bad breath.
  • Individuals Who Wear Orthodontics – The Revolation includes the Ortho Brush head, so it is ideal for individuals who wear braces, bridges, brackets and wires. This brush is also perfect for those with large spaces between their teeth.
  • Periodontal Disease Sufferers – This revolutionary toothbrush cleans away far more plaque than manual brushing. This makes it a smart choice for anyone with periodontal disease, which happens to be three-quarters of the population.

Directions for Use

It has never been easier to achieve a clean mouth. Simply choose the brush head you want to use, select a setting, add paste and start the timer. As you move the brush head over your teeth and gums, the revolving technology will continuously sweep the bristles for you. When you are done, place the brush head in the UV sanitizer, so it can clean away bacteria and viruses. Keep in mind, if you want to also apply an oral rinse, you can do this with the hollowed-tip of the Everyday Brush Head.

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